Help Center

1. How do I post an ad?

Posting an ad is very easy and takes few seconds. Simply click on "Post Free Ad" button from top right of the page.

2. How much it cost to post an Ad?

Quik is a free service and does not charge you any fees to post Ads. All Ads must meeting our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

3. How long do ads stay after being posted?

Ads stay live on the site for 30 days after which they expire automatically and are not displayed on site. You will get Ad Expiry reminders before 7 days and before 24 hours of the Ad expiry date. You can extend your Ad duration by reposting your ads after its expiry, from My Ads section. You can even delete your Ad by logging in.

4. Is there any limit on Posting Ads?

There is no limit on posting Ads but duplicate ads or the same ad posted more than once will be deleted.

5. Are you offering Premium Ads?

Yes, we are also offering premium ads. You can choose ad package while posting new ad. Premium ads show above all free ads.

6. How do I know if someone is interested in my Ad?

Those interested in your Ad can use Reply button on ad detail page and you will receive message via email. After you receive the email message, you can choose to respond and give additional information like phone number.

Users also have the option to contact you on phone. You can give your contact details only if you wish to do so while posting ad. If you put your phone number, the interested parties can directly contact you.

1. How do I register on Quik?

Registering on Quik is very simple process. It takes only 1 minutes to register and post your Ads. Click on "Sign Up" button top right of page.

2. What are the benefits of registering on Quik?

Registration allows to you to:

  • Post unlimited Ads
  • Edit, delete, repost your ad
  • View replies to your Ads
  • View or delete your "favorite Ads" or "favorite searches"
  • Receive email alerts on your favorite searches

3. How do I Sign In on Quik?

Sign in allows you to access your account and Ads posted on the site. Click on "Sign In" button top right of page.

4. I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

First, make sure you're not putting in any rogue spaces or capital letters (check caps lock). If you're still stuck, ask to reset your password at the login/Sign In page. We'll send you an email with a few steps to follow.

1. What is "My Account"?

My Account is your personal user account where you can:

  • View and manage your Ads
  • Modify / edit / delete your Ads
  • Check replies to your Ads
  • Repost your Ads after they expire
  • Update your profile information

2. How can I Sign In to "My Account"?

Click on Sign In on the top right corner of the page. After signing in, you will be redirected to My Account page, where you can view, edit, delete and check replies to your Ad.

3. How do I edit, update or delete Ads that I have posted?

Select My Ads on My Account page and click on the respective button in actions for edit, update or delete Ad.

5. What does "Archived Ads" mean?

Select Archived Ads on My Account page. Archived Ads contains inactive and expired Ads.

6. What does "Pending Approval" mean?

Select Pending Approval on My Account page. Pending Approval contains ads they needs approval before going live. Ads approval is an automatic process it only take few min.

7. How do I repost an expired Ad?

Select Archived Ads on My Account page. and Click on the "Repost" button.

8. How do I check my Payment details?

Select Payment History on My Account page.

9. How do I update My Account Profile?

You can edit your profile from My Detail section of My Account page. Please click the Update button after making the changes. Email and mobile number changes need further verifications.

10. How do I change my password?

To change your password goto Setting section of My Account page and reset your password.

1. How do I find an Ad for a specific item or service on Quik?

To find an Ad for a specific item or service on Quik, you need to enter relevant or exact keywords in the search. It will display results matching the same. You can also, choose a category and city.

2. How do I reply to an Ad on Quik?

You can contact buyers or sellers by clicking on the "Send a message" button from detail page of Ad. Fill in details like your email, name, and message with your contact details (only if you want them to contact you) and click on the Submit button. Your reply will be sent by email to the person who posted the ad.